Just as the colourful Bougainvillea flowers found their way from the diverse landscapes of Peru to quaint villages in India, we hope our garments too travel across the world with the same spirit as our namesake, being global, demure and relatable in spirit.

We consciously pick sustainability and endurance concerning materials and designs that will outstay trends and seasons. Our belief in creating a modern, sustainable fashion house is reinforced with every new individual joining our journey, hoping for a better future.

Our promise

Each piece is crafted with care, using sustainably sourced materials to honour our commitment to the planet and its people.

We stand for timeless elegance and ethical practices, ensuring every garment tells a story of positive impact.

our journey

Bougainvillea Life Australia’s tapestry is rich with stories from India to Australia, woven by founders Gunjan and Joha, whose paths from their homelands to the land Down Under are steeped in culture, tradition, and a shared vision. Gunjan, with her roots in India's vibrant heritage, and Joha, who brings the spirit of Colombia's colourful landscapes, united by a common resolve to redefine fashion with conscience and inclusivity. Sanket, the visionary founder of Bougainvillea India, ignited this movement with his passion for slow fashion and a world where each garment is a catalyst for change. Together, they are pioneering a path that honours artisanal beauty, champions women's empowerment, and pledges allegiance to the earth, crafting a future where fashion is a force for good.

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